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So, where did you go to college and what are you major?

I went to an Art Institute of Chicago in the mid 80s. My father worked in the hospital and I was a very busy kid. So I graduated on time with a BS in architecture.

What is it like growing up a black American male in the '90s?

Well, I was pretty much just a kid and I think I learned a lot from my peers. I was porn planner a part of a hip-hop/gangster scene, and I didn't understand it. When I was 14, 15, I went out to a few rap parties in Chicago, and it just gave me a good impression of America. Then I moved out to Florida and started hanging out with the older guys. I met other African-Americans like myself that came from the hood, and they didn't understand what we were talking about, but we had a lot in common. It was really cool to see our culture interact with theirs and I think it really opened my eyes to how beautiful our country could be.

What was it like to grow up in the '90s and witness the black power movement of the '80s?

When I was a kid, there was a time when I thought that hip-hop was an amazing movement and was trying to change the world. I thought that black people were really smart and were just trying to go to the government anon-ib and get more rights. As the time went on, I grew up knowing more and more about black history. Black history is like a black memory, it's passed down, and if you jeon somi listen to people who were there and the people you know and your family, you'll learn a lot about what black people did in the '80s and what it's like to be black today. I learned that we are not like we used to be in the '80s.

What are some of the greatest black accomplishments that you remember from the '80s?

I really remember when the Civil Rights movement happened, when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. marched and the whole world was up in arms. You know how people say, "Oh, he must have been a bad guy." Well, I'm not sure Dr. King's the only person who was a bad guy. There were also a lot of people in the white-collar community that were in his crosshairs. You just never knew.

How was Sammie Rhodes a bad guy? Well, in his early days, Sammie had a history with the law, including being arrested for marijuana possession. He also had an argument with the law enforcement over a parking violation. But when he got involved in the KKK, things got crazy. The Klan wanted him to be its spokesman. Rhodes was so disgusted that he stopped speaking to the Klan. But that wasn't the end of his problems. Rhodes had also been involved with a black mob. It was a violent black mob that had been attacking white people with clubs and whips and sticks. They attacked the police officers and burned them down. Rhodes was arrested for the mob attack. He spent a year and a half in jail. And when he got out, he was back out there again. He started a new porn-blog and was very successful. He went from one extreme-porn site to the other and then back to the first. He did two porn-blogs at the same time and his traffic grew tenfold. People started to think that he could do what he used to do. But that was a big leap backwards. This is where I came in. I decided to use my knowledge of adult content to be a help for him. I explained that he needed to be more realistic and that's how I got the word out about the new website and he started to do the work.

The next few weeks have been crazy. I've had the time of my life. I'm really happy with the content. I'm so proud to be one of the most famous people in porn, with a website that you can go to that will teach you all about adult content. So here are a few of my favorite articles from this site. You're gonna love them.

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