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This project is about the history of porn. What started it all, what started the porn-tube industry, how it changed in the early 90s, where we are today.

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The first porn site I ever heard about was Sex Tube in 1993. I downloaded a free copy of the free software for my Mac from a friend. The first couple days of downloading was fun but the software itself was awful. I soon found out that Porn Hub was the future, not just of porn but mazzy grace of Internet porn and the Internet in general. As a teenager, my friends and I would browse adult content from Sex Tube, the first major pornography site. By the time I was 15, I had visited Porn Hub nearly every day. The site's free software was easy to install and used every available computer I owned. By that time, I was hooked. When the site became profitable and people started using it to make money, I joined up as a moderator. I started moderating because the site's userbase was very young. It was, however, one of the only sites that used a real name for moderators, and I was eager to learn the ropes, and to learn the way the site operated. I would be moderating other user-created content.

For the first few years of my time here, I moderated adult videos. I moderated a lot. It was not a fun experience, and I knew that there would be more fun things to do over the next several years. Over the years, I got to know the site's users and how they felt about their experiences. I started working at the site in 2010. I was a junior mod, and my job was to manage the users' feedback. In other words, I was in charge of making sure that the community could give feedback on markie post nude the videos that they were watching. This was all very stressful, and I think I was the covered in cum only mods not given any time off for holidays. I would come home from a long day, and when I came home, I would see a list of the people's sex videos, as well as the comments on those videos. These were all the comments of the users who had watched the videos. We were very lucky that our feedback was more or less always good, so the site was very good about how it dealt with user complaints.

I was only 23 years old, and this was the first time I was able to make any kind of money from my work. It was during this period that I really started to think about pornography in more general terms. I was always a porn addict, but I would often forget that I had it. I would find a lot of things that weren't too bad to me, and then go and watch them. So I was really surprised at how easy it was to turn that into a job. Anyway, I had a job that required a lot of work. It's a job where you're in a building all day, and you're doing a lot of computer programming. So I would always find something I liked and then watch it all day. Then at night, I'd head to a bar to watch a movie. Then, I'd go home and relax. If I was lucky, I'd go to the movies to just relax, and if I wasn't, I would come in and watch something else, so I never got bored. My boss at the time told me that this was a bad job. He said that when you're watching porn all day and all night, your brain is doing that, and it's killing your ability to function. My boss was right. It did kill my ability to function. I didn't even like it, but I couldn't take the stress of it, so I quit and went back to my boring job.

For those who don't know, I've been in porn since I was a teen. I got into it after I watched the film, and that was the start of my journey into porn. I started with amateur porn, then transitioned to adult, then to hardcore, then to hardcore porn.

There's one thing I've been struggling with for a long time, but I have been able to overcome a lot of the hard work by reading some books on the subject. I hope that I'm able to help others in similar situations.

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