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What is sexmasti?

Sexmasti is a Japanese word that means "lady". It refers to a female that engages in anal sex, or sex with her mouth and vagina, with a male who is willing to do the same. The word originated from the term "gomus", a word meaning 'lady' or 'female'.

What does sexmasti mean in the English speaking world?

In the West, the term sexmasti is generally used to describe porn stars, porn videos, and similar sites, and refers to a female with a small-ish butt who is usually not dressed in sexy lingerie, but is always in sexy and revealing outfits and sometimes wears skimpy clothing and sexy makeup. The term is used interchangeably with the word "kink" or "fetish". Sexmasti is not a fetish or fetish for women, but rather for women who enjoy anal sex and/or anal penetration, and is most often seen on female bodies in a variety of sexual situations. Sexmasti does not include women who are just interested in butt sex, like kinksters, kinky women, or other forms of fetishism. Sexmasti is more commonly used as a description of women who like to perform anal and vaginal sex, often for a male who enjoys anal penetration and has similar taste, or in a non-erotic context. Sexmasti is often referred to as "porn star" or "sexy adult star".

What types of sites are involved with sexmasti?

Sexmasti websites are typically pornographic, and are generally intended to be watched only by male visitors. If you are going to watch a sexmasti site, you should only be expected to be able to see it on one computer at a time. It is extremely difficult to download large files from a site that requires multiple visits in order to view all of its content. If you are planning on watching it on several computers, a file hosting site might be an alternative. There are several kinds of file hosting sites:

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