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This is an important list. You'll need it to understand what I'm talking about. There are different kinds of sex. Some are more pleasurable than others. But this is my list of what's the most pleasurable. I hope it helps! I don't give the reasons why. But, let's start with the sex I like. The sex that's most enjoyable to me. That means sex with lots of different guys. The sex that's the most arousing to me. Let's take a look at all the pornstars that have a sexy cheerleader vibe!

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova (aka Mia Khalifa) is an award-winning pornstar, actress, and model. Mia has worked as a stripper, escort, pornstar, porn starlet, and adult model. She also has worked on many of the biggest and most popular adult entertainment websites. Mia loves to play hard to get and is passionate about her sex scenes. She loves giving head and loves getting her pussy fingered and fucked!

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas (aka Alexia Valentina) is an American adult model. Alexis is a hot, sexy, and busty girl who loves to put on her sexy cheerleader outfit and let her tight ass shine. She's been featured on X-Art, Adult Video News, and the biggest porn websites of all time. Alexis loves showing off her body and getting fucked in every position possible.

Tia Riley

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