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How did you become interested in cosplay and cosplay girls?

I'm really happy that I did this cosplay thing, that I'm part of the cosplay world and that I get to meet lots of sexy cosplayers fugtrup all over the world. It's a really nice way monster girl quest to make friends with people that you wouldn't normally meet, and I get to show off some cosplay skills too!

What do you do to stay in shape?

I love exercising. My girlfriend and I used to have a lot of fun playing soccer together, but now that I'm doing cosplay, I just use it to relax. When I'm working, I like to work out at the gym. I also enjoy playing video games with my girlfriends, but I just can't get enough of the action. I do a lot of yoga too, but I only do it at home, so I don't actually get out and do it that often. I try to do at least one activity every day, but not every day. I'm in the process of getting more active and doing more yoga, but right now I just work out with my girlfriends and I just do it when we're not pamela horton in the same city. We don't have too girls in panty pics many other friends or things to do together so that usually keeps me happy, but I do try to get out and do things at least once a week. I have also got my own porn account, where I post videos from time to time and share my life with the world. I've also been playing World of Warcraft now for quite a while now. When I do get a chance to hang out with my girlfriends, we like to do some video games and deep throat drink and stuff. That's hard core sex probably my favorite thing about my life now. You can find me on reddit as /u/MintyMule.

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The Porn-Blog's Favorite Cosplay Girls

This post contains a list of some of the best cosplay girls from around the web. If you like your cosplay girls to be cute and sexy, you're in luck. I've got some pretty hot vanna bardot cosplay girls to choose from. If you've watched me play for the past few years and want to watch a cosplay of your own, this is the place to go.


Amber is the cosplay of my most favorite movie character, the fiery warrior named Amber Sanderson. Amber was my first cosplay ever, but she's only my second cosplay after a friend, a professional cosplayer named Sarah, gave me a freebie kit of her costumes. Sarah got me to dress up as the lead character from the movie, while I dressed as the main villain, the leader of a vampire cult, called the Red Legion. I've always wanted to play an angel and I've been dying to do this cosplay.

The reason I'm posting this picture is because I'm so excited to share it with you guys. My first cosplay was for the Marvel 's Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I've done a lot of cosplay from movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to DC's Batman. But, I've always been a huge fan of Star Wars, specifically the Empire Strikes Back. The movie was an absolute blast and I've been wanting to recreate it in cosplay for a while. I'm always amazed when people say that they haven't seen this movie or that it's their first. The movie was so awesome, and I would like to make an entire galaxy in my cosplay. But, as the years go by, there are many other things I've learned from cosplaying as the characters from Star Wars. Most of these are things that I didn't know before and I've just been learning from this one moment in time. I'm definitely a fan of Star Wars and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever done a cosplay based on the movie. I also feel like this movie is a very popular one in the cosplay community. So, in this review, I want to share my thoughts on this movie. In the first review of Star Wars, I looked at the costumes and accessories. I was amazed at the amazing cosplay I did and how much of it came from me doing that cosplay. It was amazing seeing so many things that I have never seen before. I felt like I made so many new friends and I could tell this was a fun experience for me. It was also cool being on set with the cast of Star Wars, as I got to know them, and we talked about Star Wars. The second review talked about the movies. I have read about a lot of Star Wars cosplays and it was all amazing to me. Being on set for Star Wars gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill, as I can't imagine it would have been the same thing to learn to play Star Wars. The reviews talk about some of the amazing costumes. I really liked this one because the costumes are very well designed and the girls are beautiful. The cosplay was great. I loved the Star Wars costume I wore to the show. I wanted to be Leia but didn't want to take a lot of time and energy to do it. I wanted to wear a Star Wars robe and a pair of her Jedi robes. I also bought a little blue bikini to go along with the blue robes.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Amazing This is my first time doing cosplay for a movie. I was nervous about taking on the roles. My boyfriend and I both love Star Wars. He loves the new movies and he's got a few of my characters on his phone. The only down side to this is it was hard for me to find the right outfit for my character. I ended up purchasing a few different outfits. The costume was comfortable and I was able to move around a lot without feeling restricted by a giant cape. I'm super happy with my experience. This is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. -Linda

My girlfriend and I recently started watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and immediately we were blown away by the costumes. We thought we were going to die at the end. We were able to spend hours on the internet trying to figure out the costumes of these characters and seeing their amazing costumes was an awesome way to kick off our new year! The cosplay is definitely different than the movies, but they are great! We are very excited to have met the cosplay community and can't wait to meet many more! -Riley

I love cosplay! I got the chance to see Star Wars and Star Wars Rebels this past weekend! The girls who were dressed in the costumes were so cute! They were so hot and they were so cute, the girls all seemed to really want to impress me. I am excited to find out more about cosplay. My husband is very curious about the costumes, but I have been very excited about finding some great new ones. -Linda

When I got a chance to visit Los Angeles I decided to give it a shot, so I came to this convention. I was shocked at how much the costumes and cosplay were to my liking. It seemed like there were many people who love cosplay but did not know how to start. They just wanted to get involved! This is a great opportunity for you to get a better understanding of how to start cosplay! -Julie

This is my first time attending a con and it was really exciting. I got to meet some very cool cosplay characters from Star Wars and Batman. I really hope that you can join me in creating my own costume! -Linda

This was my first con and I was impressed. I love cosplay! I wanted to meet some of the other cosplay girls at the con but the organizers and some of the girls themselves told me that this is not the place for it. They would love for you to attend our convention or meet me in person. Please get in touch with us! -Deborah

Hi I'm a 23 year old Canadian and I have been doing my best to become a cosplayer. My interest started when I was a kid watching anime and watching cosplay. I had seen a lot of awesome cosplay before but had never really gotten into it until now. I'm a big fan of the Star Wars universe and I wanted to do the best that I can for the fans and myself. -Alyssa

I'm 23 years old and I was going to be attending convention last weekend but I cancelled it due to a medical emergency. So now my life is turned around! I am a cosplayer who likes to draw, I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was 10 and love all the movies! I'd love to be able to do cosplay events and meet new people and do some cosplay work. -Celina

My name is Amy and I am an adult and fetish cosplayer. I started out making costumes in the past year as a hobby but I've been doing them professionally now since the beginning of May. I love Star Wars. I've had a passion for Star Wars for as long as I can remember. The original trilogy and all the prequels are my favorite movies of all time and I'm a huge fan of the Clone Wars as well. In my free time I also play and work out in the gym. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

I'm a 29 year old Canadian woman from Montreal. I'm a big fan of all things nerdy, sci-fi, and fantasy related. I love cosplay. I'm a pretty active girl with a very active life. I'm also an owner of a porn-blog site. I make a few videos for a side-business but mainly I post about Cosplay. I also love to read about how people make their own cosplay, and how it is done in different styles. My favorite is that a lot of people do it in very interesting ways and have their own style. It's also very exciting to see how different people have taken the cosplay style from their own personal lives, to make it something that you can wear around your body. I think a lot of girls are attracted to the idea of something that's really personal and not so much about being in character. There are even a lot of Cosplayers who are into that, too. I'm also interested in what's happening in the porn world, and how different cosplayers make their own style of porn and what's the biggest difference between cosplay and porn.

Q: What is the main difference between Cosplay and Porn? Cosplay is when you are creating a costume, while Porn is when you do porn and make it public. Cosplay people have been doing it for years, it's something that's not really changed. It is a hobby, not a job. Cosplay is more about the process. Cosplayers spend a lot of time, money and effort to create their costumes and then put it all on display. The difference is that a porn star has a camera in their hand recording their action, and being a porn star is a job. Q: I have seen some pictures of your work, how do you do that? A: The process of cosplaying, including the clothes I wear, is very simple.