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11 Explicit #521 - The Big Short with Adam Smith Adam Smith is the host of the podcast "This American Life" and a writer for Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The Atlantic and other publications. His new book, "The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine," about the financial crash of 2008, is available now. If you've been keeping up with his writing, you know that he's also a big film lover. He's made two documentaries, "The Great Gatsby" and "Million Dollar Baby." Adam and his brother James were born in the UK. They are both former bankers. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Blue Apron. Free sexy girl View in iTunes

12 Explicit #520 - Live from The Ritz - 2018-05-27 The Ritz is a modern hotel and restaurant located in the heart of Washington, DC, USA. It opened in 2005 as The Ritz-Carlton, and was designed by Le Corbusier in collaboration with architect Frank Gehry. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has a luxury, upscale feel, and has been listed as the third best hotel in America by Forbes. On this episode of The Art of Charm, the guys talk about their time in The Ritz. They also discuss a variety of topics including the "porn epidemic," the "dumbest girl ever," and the time they met the first female-to-be named in Playboy magazine. Free View in iTunes

13 Explicit #519 - Bitch Sesh - 2018-04-17 Bitch Sesh is a podcast and social media community that celebrates the power of women. With a focus on intersectionality, queer feminism, body positivity, and women of color, Bitch Sesh gives voice to those who have been disenfranchised, silenced, and marginalized, whether in their daily lives, or in life in general. The podcast was founded in 2013 by actress and activist, Natasha Lyonne. Free View in iTunes

14 Explicit #518 - The Art of Charm: In-Depth - Ep. 2 - How to Succeed in Business Without Having a Plan B Podcast host Michaela Coelho, and her friend, writer, and business strategist, Sam Kass, answer the questions they've all been curious about. Topics include: The importance of personal development in business (for men, women, and everyone); why not make time to make your own fortnite porn business; how to build your brand; what to do when your product fails. You'll also hear a special interview with the co-founders of the adult video studio, Hustler Media, and a few more stories about their work. You'll also be introduced to a new podcast on how to make money as a adult performer. Free View in iTunes

4 Clean Episode 58: The "Adult Play" Show (Episode 54) This week we interview the owner of the adult film studio, Hustler Media. Hustler Media specializes in "adult play". This is a genre of porn where the performer is a submissive partner, usually someone who has already fit18 been trained by a professional. In this episode we learn about how to be a submissive, what is "domination" and why it is important for a performer to learn and be taught. Also we learn that this industry has changed a lot since the 70's and it's a lot more dangerous than it used to be. Free View in iTunes

5 Clean Episode 57: The Big Show (Episode 54) The Sex With Tanya (Episode 54) What the Hell, Tanya? This week we talk with Tanya about her career in the adult film industry. We talk about her transition to adult film and how it has been a journey of transformation. The two also talk about the differences between sex and the porn industry. Tanya's career is a journey , but in her opinion, you don't have to make a career out of it. Tanya will get you off! Free View in iTunes

6 Clean Episode 56: A Friend, a Sister, and a Bitch In Episode 56 we talk about our love for Tanya and how she has taught us a lot about ourselves. What's your sexual orientation? What makes you a sexy woman? We also talk about Tanya's love life. Tanya's friend, sister and lover! This week, Tanya and Amanda get down to the nitty gritty of Tanya's sex life. We talk about Tanya's new job at a sex toy store, a new sex toy and how Tanya found out about her partner's pornstar girlfriend. This is not the place to be a virgin but Tanya is here to help you get your jizz on, and even teach you a few things about sex. Free View in iTunes

7 Clean Episode 55: I'm so hot! Tanya talks to us about the sex she's had this week! She talks about being in the mood and how sexy she thinks she looks. Tanya talks about how much she enjoys sex and what she loves about it! Amanda also discusses her sex life and how she met her husband. This week, Tanya has her own little secret, but that's no problem! I promise you, it'll be a great one! We talk about her best porn scenes ever and how her new sex job is a HUGE turn on. This is not the place for pornstars or women that want to have sex, but this is the place for hot and horny women, so don't hesitate, join Tanya on the next episode and check out some of her videos! Free View in iTunes

8 Clean Episode 54: The Best Things boob drop gif To See In The Morning Tanya talks to us about being horny and horny as fuck on a Friday night. Tanya talks about how she has a lot of different toys for her but most of her toys have to stay on her person. She talks about the best way to use uberkinky them and how she has never been more relaxed in her whole life. This episode was so much fun, we couldn't stop talking about it! We also talk about how much she loves anal! This week we hear from Tanya about her latest video, what she my friend hot mom likes to do on her hands, the best thing to do to relax and much more. You're invited, get your tickets to next week's show on PornCast and come check it out! Free View in iTunes

9 Clean Episode 53: A Great Way To Relax Tanya is back and she talks to us about sex and pleasure. What is one of the greatest ways to relax? She talks about a really fun way to relax that she discovered. It has to do with breathing. She talks about the way she has been able to take a deep breath during sex. It is a really great relaxation for the two of you. The only catch is that it can only be done by two people. Free View in iTunes

10 Clean Episode 52: How To Have A Great Blowjob For An Extremely Naughty Guy The first episode of the new porn-blog series is finally here! We have so much more in store for you today. Here is some of the first information on this week's episode. Let's get to it! First, what is a blowjob? Well, it is a really exciting sex act with lots of different possibilities. There are plenty of different positions and positions that you can try on the blowjob. Free View in iTunes

11 Clean Episode 51: How To Find Out What Kind Of Sex You Have With The Sexually Active Guy Today we are going to talk to you about an extremely sexually active guy. He is actually quite sexually active and he wants to get to know your body better. He's very comfortable with his body and he's interested in talking about it. So, if you are looking for a hot and fun sex talk about this guy, you're in the right place. Free View in iTunes

12 Clean Episode 50: I Had An Amazing Day! Today we are talking to an amazing guy that I know for sure. He is a big guy who is into everything sexual. He even enjoys to get naked and to have a good sex talk. The conversation is also a bit funny and he's willing to talk about his hobbies and his life. Free View in iTunes

13 Clean Episode 49: I'm Here To Help You With This Porn! Today we talk about some things we found that we would like to share with you. I have been told I should start a sex blog. But I think that's a bad idea. Instead I'll make a sex blog that is a good place to start. It should be a good way to help people with their porn problems, because the more that people know about porn, the less porn addiction will appear. I am here to help with porn addiction, and you should be too. Free View in iTunes

14 Clean Episode 48: How To Deal With Porn Addiction The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay away from porn. If you want to try something new, there's no need to make it your primary sex act. Free View in iTunes

15 Clean Episode 47: What to Do If You're Being Hooked On Porn I have been seeing this particular situation a lot lately. The guy who hooked me up to the first person who ever said that he was going to use me as a porn star. Free View in iTunes

16 Clean Episode 46: Anxious & Aroused, or Just A Bit Overwhelmed by Porn? How many times have you read the words "sex addiction" in the newspaper? Well, if you are reading this blog, you might have one of these feelings right now. What is an addiction? And tight teen pussy what does it really mean? Free View in iTunes

17 Clean Episode 45: What's a Hookup? If you have had sex with a person who doesn't have a problem, that is a hookup. In this episode I will give you an overview of the sexual activity that is usually termed as a hookup. Free View in iTunes

18 Clean Episode 44: A Lesson Learned: What Kinds of Sex Are Legal and Unusual? The Supreme Court decision, Lawrence v. Texas, legalized same-sex marriage. This decision had a big impact on the legal status of the sex between gay people. The legal and political ramifications of this decision have been explored in recent years. Some have wondered what it means for sex in America, where same-sex sexual activity was once illegal. This podcast explores the question. We talk with some of our listeners who have questions about the meaning of the word "homosexual." We also talk about the Supreme Court's decision and the effects it has on the gay community. How do you feel about the ruling? Do you think the ruling means things are going to be different for same-sex people in America? Let us know in the comments!

You'll hear from some of the folks who have spoken out about the ruling. We talk to a couple of the activists who are taking their fight for gay rights to the courts. And, we talk to one of the individuals who filed a lawsuit over the ruling.

You'll find out what they think will happen now that the ruling has been handed down. We'll hear what they think of the outcome, and we'll also find out how the case went before the Supreme Court. We'll also discuss what these people think the decision means for the gay community in America. There's a lot of information here. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between homosexuality and pornography, this is the article to read. And if you're a gay man and want to get the word out, I have to say, we're going to be talking about a whole lot of this. So, if you like, you can click on "Read more" and it will take you to the end of the article. This is about shakeela.