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Porn Star: Shauna Sand

She is a very popular porn star in Australia. She's known for being a very hardcore and wild girl, with a hot body and big tits. She's also known for taking huge cocks, like those used in the video. Her face and body is very hot, and there's not a single part she doesn't like. Her real name is Shauna Sand, but she goes by the name of Shauna Sand for the sake of the videos.

Born in Australia, she was raised in Australia by her mom. She's worked in adult industry since the age of 15, so her life has been full of different experiences. But she was a very wild and kinky girl. She was a really sexy girl with big breasts, and she also had a very big dick. Shauna Sand was one of the hottest girls I ever saw on the web. She is really into getting fucked. I can never forget the times she fucked me while I was sucking on her big tits. I was so surprised to know that a girl was this into fucking. I was really horny all the aubrilee time and it made me cum. After every single time I saw Shauna Sand I would go to a website omegle girls that shows real videos and pictures of these real women. And every time I would see Shauna Sand in a real video, I would masturbate to her. Shauna Sand was an actual porn star with her own website that has a lot of real amateur videos and photos of real women fucking and sucking on dick. Shauna Sand is from the state of California, USA. Her porn name is Shauna Sand and is a real porn actress. Shauna Sand is a beautiful girl with a really beautiful face. She was born on December 21, 1982, in Los Angeles. Shauna Sand loves to suck dick. She has been in adult movies since 2002. She has had a lot of different movies starring various porn stars. She got her start with a scene with a huge starlet named Dolly. Shauna Sand got her name from the fact that she's a blonde bombshell, just like her favorite pornstar of all time, Dolly. In this article you'll learn all amateur blowjob about her. Shauna Sand likes to be fucked by multiple guys at the same time. She's super slutty and loves it when a guy gets to watch her as he sucks her dick. Shauna Sand is a fun blonde slut who does a lot of sex. Shauna Sand has had so much fun doing sex and she has a good taste for it. She knows she wants it to be real and it's something she'll never forget. In this article you'll find everything you need to know about Shauna Sand. Her name is Shauna and she's a fun and sexy blonde. Shauna Sand is super sexy and gets into all kinds of sex with guys.

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