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Shawna Lenee is an adult pornstar from New York, United States. She was born on September 20, 1988. Shawna Lenee is well known for her sexy and very erotic nude modeling work. Shawna Lenee has a reputation for being extremely sexual and adventurous with her work. Shawna Lenee's personal profile describes her as: "The most fun in a guy's life!" Shawna Lenee has received a fair number of awards for her sexiness. Shawna Lenee's most recent awards have been for the following titles: "Outstanding Vixen", "Female Vixen", "Female Masturbator", "Female Ass and Vaginal", "Female Gagging", "Female Cum in Mouth", "Female Dildo", "Female Cowgirl Female", "Male Vixen", "Male Masturbator", "Male Cowgirl is Best!", "Male Breast Gag", and "Female Cowgirl, Cowgirl, and Cowgirl Female" in the 2009 AVN Award for the "Outstanding Vixen" category. Shawna Lenee's personal page describes her as: "A woman's woman is so much fun! I've been working on a movie of my own for a while now. When I was in middle school, I used to sneak into a room and fuck my teacher. I was so shy and shy. But now I'm so full of energy. I love my sex life. And I want to explore this part of my life in a different way." Shawna Lenee is an adult actress and porn star. She is a certified porn star and porn star model. You can check out her adult website here and watch her stickam work on cam. She has over 300,000 visitors per day, she's one of the most popular porn stars and also a porn model. She is also a part of a reality show called "Shawna and Her Girlfriend". It's a true story where the porn star shawna and her girlfriend try to find the best sex.

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