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I just thought of your scene in "Pleasure Island" as being a nice break for you. Reply Delete This movie really hits the spot, especially the final scene where you're both doing it right before you pull out. I was a little worried about it because we didn't see the "crotch" scene, but it worked beautifully. I think the camera was good to work with and didn't have any trouble getting your body to look perfectly round. I loved watching you both doing it, it really brought out the best in both of you. I hope your porn career doesn't go the same way as yours. :) Delete I really enjoyed this movie. I like the way girls naked you both did it. I found myself wondering, "How do you do that?" When I tit sucking watched the scene, I got a little jealous of the two of you, but I liked the way they had it all work out. Delete Great job. You nailed that shoulder ride. Delete I think this is the most accurate review of the movie I have read, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. You both really nailed it with the shoulder rides. The scene you wrote is the real deal. I had never seen this before so I will give this one a read, as you wrote, "This porn-blog article is about shoulder ride. If you ever wanted to find out more about adult content and porn stars, this is for you." I agree 100%. You guys are the best. I highly recommend it! Reply Delete Nice review. I haven't seen it myself, but it looks to me like it is a shoulder-ride type of position. I have seen it in porn, but I have not had the experience of watching it myself, so I don't know how accurate your description is. Reply Delete Hi, Thanks for your article. I can't see how you would describe this as a shoulder-ride position. I would say shoulder-mount or shoulder-bend. You are right that I don't have any experience with shoulder-mount, but there is a lot of info out there on it. Reply Delete Thanks so much for this article! I have seen a lot of shoulder-bends in the past, but have never seen a shoulder-bend with one person riding the other's shoulder (which is a common position in porn, anyway). That said, I am quite sure a shoulder-bend is not what you're describing. I can see you have a point, though I think it is a little too simple for what you're describing. Reply Delete I am a huge fan of this blog (as you are). I find it very interesting to read and a real eye-opener to some of the things that I have heard so many times about the world of adult entertainment. I have seen some things I never thought of and I am quite excited for the more interesting and creative material that will come from the more mature of you folks. Thanks for sharing, Matt Delete Great article, Matt! I think most of the problems with shoulder-bends is that they are easy for porn actors to do, but harder for the viewer to see. But you are right about one thing - a lot of it is too obvious. The biggest problem with shoulder-bends is not that they look like a shoulder-ride. The biggest problem is when the viewer is not sure what's going on. (I am trying to imagine the viewer in this situation.) There's just too much going on, and too much in the way of what the viewer can see, to really tell what the performer is doing. In addition, the viewer is going to be surprised that they can't see it. A good shoulder-bend requires more visual information than a shoulder-ride, and the viewer will not have a good sense of the visual context of the scene. Delete I just noticed that your article linked to "The Top 5 Best Sex Positions," which had to do with "the best sex positions you can do with a girl you know". The article didn't mention how many women actually want to be put into "the best sex positions". And that's really interesting. It's pretty hard to get into the "best sex positions" when you can't get in the women. Delete I have a question about your comment "The view from the front is more of an illusion than reality," I've been to a few porn movies, and I know you know that porn is shot from the front and the perspective of the camera, not that it's that different. I was looking for more, so here's a few links: 1. An interview with Peter Hart in the BBC documentary "The Secret World of XXX", which shows a lot of the behind-the-scenes details of filming and working in a studio. 2. The "Boys" interview, in which the author explains his view of porn from the perspective of his friend, a porn star. (link at bottom) If you're still not convinced, this is one of the main reasons why porn and porn stars have such a huge market in the world. Delete Thanks for writing that article. I've always been amazed by the fact that all these different kinds of porn (not just hardcore porn) are still so accessible. Delete "The Secret World of XXX" is a fascinating and entertaining piece of filmmaking and information, and I really liked reading it. You know, like you did when you read it. Delete Thanks for this article. It really was a good read. I'd be interested in your thoughts on how we view women in this world. You write, "But men and women are equally powerful in our society." Is that really true? Or is it more like you were writing a blog on a guy? What is the difference? (It also says that women in the mainstream are the majority of the sex workers in the US, but I didn't know that. What the fuck?) Also, what's the difference between pornstars and pornstars who do adult work? (I don't mean the guys who work in porn, which I guess I'd like to think is the same kind of sex work) The porn stars who are doing it, do they make as much money as the porn stars who aren't? I find it interesting that you talk about the sex industry being "the sex industry." I am guessing that you aren't saying it in the same way that you're not saying, "The movie industry," but is that right? "The sex industry" is more like "the money industry." You make money in a lot of ways, but the big ones (in terms of money and fame) are just sex-related. Delete There is a lot of really great information in the article, and the authors are very articulate, well-informed and engaging. And they all have their own point of view. It's not just about what's popular, but what's important. So I agree with you. It's great to see an open and honest discussion. However, it is hard to keep up with the sheer volume of information on the internet, and it's hard to do a comprehensive job of it. I think that's the problem. I'm always trying to find something new to read about. Thanks for posting. And I agree with you that we have to stop the debate.