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There is a lot more to shunka ayami than meets the eye. Shunka ayami is a Japanese porn star whose name means "honey". Shunka ayami has made over 100 porn films and she latina abuse is one of the most popular porn stars in Japan. Shunka ayami's porn career started when she started doing porn in 1998. In 2003, she did the first Japanese porn film with a female. She then started with adult movies as a freelance performer and in 2003 she became a fully-fledged porn star.

She has a very unique look. Shunka Ayami has long blonde hair that she doesn't have any other tattoos. Shunka Ayami has very beautiful face and eyes. This Japanese girl is also very sweet. Shunka Ayami likes to do karaoke, her favorite song thick girl is "Bodom" which she sings every single day of her life. She likes to have a lot of sex in her life but she only does anal for this very reason. Shunka Ayami loves to suck cock and is very good with her mouth, this girl is a real slut. Shunka Ayami has her own personal website and it's called Shunka Ayami's Official Website.

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