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Skyy Black (born September 9, 1975) is an American adult film star, porn star, and director who has worked as a porn director since 2010. She has worked for pornstars, producers, and websites since 19

Skyy Black began her career in 2008 as a stripper in New York's hardcore porn industry. She eventually transitioned to performing in amateur and hardcore sex films, making over 1,500 films and earning $2.5 million. Her work on the web started in early 2010 and as of 2015 is still one of the highest earning adult performers in the industry, with an estimated $8.4 million in earnings in 2015 alone.

Skyy Black has worked on the pornstar website Pornhub since 2012 and since March 2015 has appeared on PornHub's "Top 10 Pornstars of 2015". Skyy Black is also a regular performer on the site's "Girls of the Year". Skyy Black's films include The Slutty Slut; The Slutty Slut 2; Anal and Anal Sex; Anal, Anal Sex, and Nudity; Sex, S&M, and Cumshot; and Dirty Girls, Dirty Women 2. She is a very active social media user, and regularly updates her Twitter, Facebook and Blog with a lot of information about her life and her passion of sex, porn, and kink.

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