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The spandex-and-tits party started out with a few friends getting together in their local pub and having a good time. Then things got bigger. The party continued to grow until it eventually became a local night out. The party's name is based on the fact that people usually start off by spanking each other's titties and then going wild for a while. But the real fun starts when the titties get taken away! Read more about spandexparty:

When I saw spandex-party, I thought "this is going to be awesome. I need to make this happen". But the more I think about it, the more it seems like a bad idea. I have seen spandex party before and it was great, but there wasn't much in the way of erotic things to do. But here is why I think it's going to be a bad idea: The more you're into spandex-party, the less you want to actually do something with it. The first two steps in making something happen are to get involved with the people involved. I know it sounds crazy, but the more people involved, the more likely you will end up making something happen.

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The party starts at around 4am, and you should expect to have to leave around 6am. The best part is, you'll get your spandex party clothes there with you. It's free and you can stay and enjoy the party all night. But beware, there will be some girls who are ready to fuck you right after. You'll get some really good blowjobs. The party also includes a good chance to enjoy some adult toys. And if you get lucky, there will be adult movies. It's like the porn movie party with better production quality. There is also a lot of adult fun, and a lot of hot girls.

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