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I've been in the industry since 1993 and have made hundreds of porn movies over the past 14 years. I also write an online column for Playboy and the world-renowned sex columnist, "Boys' Life" in which I focus on the real life realities of sex and the men who make it. I also produce videos and articles on the web, and am the proud owner of an impressive collection of sex toys.

I'm a 30 year old girl from the Netherlands. I've worked in porn for 14 years, and in my opinion, the best thing about porn is that it's fun. In fact, I believe it has helped me to become a better person. You'll often hear me talk about my time in porn, but I wanted to share my opinion about the industry, especially the spanking bank. It's an industry with such a high turnover that I'm sure everyone is thinking about quitting. I have a lot of friends and colleagues that are getting older, and if you haven't left porn at some point, don't let that stop you. You will get bored.

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