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What is spank wire?

I first discovered spank wire in a post about the adult industry. The post described the process of getting porn actors into porn studios in order to be used as "spank wires" for men who want to be abused.

I wondered if I could do the same with my own sexual partner.

So I started reading up on how to do this. I didn't know much about spank wire, but I did have experience. So I decided to read up on it and see how it works. One of my ex-partners was very good at it and knew exactly how to get it done with my newbie partner. Spank wire is a fetish that is practiced for the purpose of hurting a partner in a way that is painful, arousing, and humiliating. I figured it could be done by a man who didn't want to be abused, and the more humiliating the better. How to do it was a bit more complicated than you think. 1. Get a spank board for your man (which is a great thing). 2. Buy a spank board. 3. Go to the sex shop and get a special piece. 4. You can now make the spank board in your bedroom and take your man to it, and he will be spanked all over his body. 5. The most important rule: Don't let your man spank without telling you! If your man spanks with a regular spank board, then you have to tell him! 6. It's important to make a special spank board for each man's room, so that they can make sure they're doing the right thing. It's better to have a small spank board that can be used only once a day, then have a big one that needs to be used three times a day, etc. 7. A woman does not need a man to spank her, so make sure to ask your men about this! 8. If you are not using a spank board for your man, then the first thing you do is ask him to take off all his clothes and lay on the table. Don't get scared, this is for education. You are to give him a alexandra vandernoot little slap to the chest or to the balls, or he can go down on you. 9. After you have given him a slap, take a little time to make sure you have thoroughly washed his balls, nipples and scrotum. You can now start a spanking game. 10. If your man is not really a man, then you can add the other toys to the list as well, and do the same to them. Do it slowly, as the man will be more shocked by the spanking than the actual sex itself. 11. If the man is more of a man and more into having fun, then do as much or as little as you want. The last thing you want is your man to lose interest, or get jealous and call you a slut. 12. This may sound obvious, but you really have to have fun, or you will never be able to find the right person to be your "sister". If your man is not into it, then you should take your time and think about it. You can always find someone who is, or at least have a little fun. 13. If you are interested in having a threesome, then make sure that you find the right girl, because if you try to make it happen with someone else you'll just be making it worse for yourself. There are more than enough people out there who can give you the perfect time, so don't waste your time. 14. Don't be afraid to go down on her if you really want to. It is just a fact that guys are the ones who have the balls to put their balls in her mouth. The problem is that most girls are not as brave as they used to be. You can be sure of this, because the first time you do it, you won't even know what is happening. Just remember that she will enjoy it and get turned on. 15. You have to try hard to not think about all the problems and worries that are going through your mind. Try not to think of them, but just think of her pussy. Keep a mental picture xxx tube of her pussy and it'll be easier to control yourself. 16. The reason why a girl likes anal play, especially spanking, is because she feels that the most important part of the act is the slapping. 17. If you give her some spank wire in the house, she might like to see some cock in her ass. 18. If a girl gives you some spank wire, don't give her a hard spank, just use a gentle one. 19. Spanking her ass is a lot harder than spanking her mouth. If you do spank her ass, don't use a spanking paddle like a baseball bat, or a paddle with a handle. You might bryce dallas howard nude hurt her. 20. She might try to put you down and you should stop it and give her a gentle spank to let her know you're not going to hurt her. 21. If she's in a hurry, and she's not ready, you can put your arms around her legs and put your hands behind her neck. 22. A simple slap is fine if she's in the position. It's not necessary to slap her hard as you would to a real-life female. A soft slap may just be enough to holly sonders nude get her interested in getting up and moving. 23. Spank her a few times in a row and see what she does. Do you want to make your girlfriend cry, or laugh? If she keeps crying, or you laugh, you're going to have some fun. She's not going to like that. Just make sure she keeps getting her ass spanked at least twice a week. That should be a regular habit. If she doesn't, you can always get her to spank herself when she's having sex with someone else. 24. Try to make your girlfriend wear different outfits to different things. You may be surprised what a girl can wear that you might not expect. You can also help her find clothes she doesn't like by letting her help you select the outfits she'll wear. 25. Take your girlfriend to the gym. She may have trouble remembering the names of the workout machines. 26. Talk to her about her sex life. If she is happy with it, you can help her to change her mind. 27. Ask her about her body. If she likes it, then it can be a good place to start. She may not like what you see if it is not as pretty as she is used to. 28. When she has no choice, you can get her to give you blowjobs. Blowjobs are very good for your sex life. 29. Ask for a massage or to have a spanking or some other form of punishment. 30. If she has any fantasies about being fucked, talk to her about them. 31. If you want to know if she is a submissive or dominant, tell her. And if she's submissive or dominant, be willing to treat her accordingly. 32. If you have had a sexual encounter with a new or new-to-you girl, ask her about it. She will be more open to your feelings than her mother, who won't give you the benefit of the doubt and might try to make you feel bad about yourself. If your girl is shy and shy, tell her that you like how she behaves. You may be surprised at what you find. 33. When you come home from school or work, take a moment to breathe deeply. Take time to take stock of how you feel about yourself. This will show her that you are still here. 33. The first thing you will do after leaving your parents is to call your father. Tell him that you want to stay with your father and that you're sorry for breaking up. He will feel bad, but he will not make the same mistake that you did. 33. When you are alone, you must remember to tell your mother and father about anything that goes on in your room. They will probably not understand what you're saying. If they do, they will assume that you're not telling them about the porn. 34. Your mother should not tell your father about porn or masturbation. They will probably be worried and feel like their son is lying. 35. Don't masturbate. Even if you masturbate, you should probably avoid talking to your father about your porn-obsession. You should probably even avoid having sex with him. 36. It is okay to masturbate if your father won't. You don't even have to think about it. Just let him come over. 37. Even if your father likes you to masturbate, it is still okay. If he doesn't want to be there, that is all right too. Just do it yourself. You don't have to worry about the parents watching you. 38. The spanking is only for the first time, and it will become harder as you get better at the skill. You rachel mcadams nude can always add it to your routine. 39. A lot of guys think the spanking is all about pain, but actually it's very about pleasure. Just like the other sex acts, it's best if you practice the skills on a partner who is ready. 40. You must learn to take a hand while you are spanked. And that can be tough. 41. A lot of people hate spanking and it's hard to get them to stop. But I find this to be very important. It's not about hurting the other person, it's about hurting the self. 42. It's easy to get mad at someone who has been spanked. But spanking is very much about controlling your own behavior. 43. A lot of spank-ers don't like the feeling of being spanked. So, the first thing you need to do is learn how to deal with it in a positive way. 44. Most spank-ers have a lot of anger, and they're afraid of losing control. That's why spanking is so helpful for them, and it helps them to control their anger. But the anger and fear will be there forever if you don't get rid of them. 45. When you are spanking a person, take a deep breath, and breathe. Then breathe out, and breathe. You need to do that several times, and when you are done breathing out, let your breath out too. 46. If you see any signs of your spanker's anger and rage, get your spanking over with and move on to the next part. You can also move on to more normal tasks and activities. 47. Spanking is an important part of parenting. It teaches a child a valuable lesson, and it teaches him how to treat a grown man who is a grown man. 48. Spanking may not be for everyone. It's important to know how to handle it correctly. If your children are young, it's best not to spank them too hard. It might be too hard for them. If you feel that your child will be spanked too hard, you can spank him with a soft plastic paddle. Spanking him with a hard m.myfreecams wooden paddle is not recommended. It can be very painful. The most important thing is that the child learns the right way to handle these kinds of things. If he has a hard time doing it, he's not learning. When he gets older, if he doesn't understand, he can learn, but if he doesn't learn, it doesn't make sense. There's busty blondes a reason why spanking is forbidden in many countries.