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Spytug, also love creampie known as Nacho Spirogi, is an Italian-American porn star who is also known as "Nacho Nacho". Spytug, who is originally from Naples, has worked as a hentai train pornstar in the past. Here is what Spytug said about his porn career: I've always thought porn was awesome. And that's why I wanted to do porn. It's what I do. Spytug has had quite a busy schedule in the past, being a model, a pornstar, a photographer and an artist. He has also won several adult film awards. So, Spytug was born in 1996 in the United Kingdom. He has a little sister and his dad works at a factory. Spytug has the talent, is a very good model and is also an artist. He got into porn when he was 16, and he started on a very small budget. Spytug was first working for a guy who owned a small modeling agency. It was a very small agency, so they had to make a big budget to get the models that they needed. They also used to shoot in the back of passion porn the car while they were going to work. He was working with a guy called "Dirty Dave". He told him to pay for his clothes and he did. They started making videos on cam and they decided to sell them on Ebay, to the best seller on Ebay. The videos got sold to various porn sites, and then to naked grannies the adult websites themselves. That was about the time that Spytug moved to Los Angeles. They got to make videos with a girl named "Missy" on her web site. They were doing a web show for an adult website. That website also had porn stars, so they were very successful. They made a lot of money, and they had their first child. But Spytug and Missy never had sex. There was a divorce and Spytug was sent to the mental institution. And there was Missy, who was a very attractive woman, and there was a sex-scene filmed for the web show. And this is what it was like to be Missy. (She's talking about the sex scene from the web show) You know what I would like to see? (She puts her hand on the camera's lens) The two of them. (She smiles) I want to see you two in bed together. (She turns her head to the side) What do you think? (Pause) That's it! That's it! (She looks to the side) No! No! Don't shoot me! You don't want to shoot me. (She moves her hand from the lens) (Giggles) Do you know what they call it in this part of the world, "The girl who makes the man do his duty" (laughs) Oh, that's right! It's called the porn-blog. (She nods) It's all about that, isn't it? But now, let's get back to work. We'll eat my pussy start with this newbie girl. (Pause) Oh, my, is that you? (Slightly nervous) Oh, I see. You've been a little busy recently. What brings you to the studio? Do you want to meet with a new friend? (Pause) No, no, no. You've come all this way for me. I'll be right over. (She takes off her skirt and underwear and puts it on, then sits down on a nearby chair, with her panties on.) Now, do you know that there are many other girls like you? You've got a lot of options. I'm sure you've thought of a lot. If you're not one of them, you could try one of my studios. Maybe you can just be a model, then. You could take a photo of yourself with your friend. Maybe you can show your friends that you're hot, but you're really not hot, and you don't look like you should, and then they'll think, "Wow! She's so pretty, but not hot!" But they don't know how to talk about that with you. They think you're some weirdo who should stay away from me.

You're not a weirdo, you're just hot. And you're a porn star. And you know how to wear your tits like a bra. You have an amazing rack. It looks so fucking good in the mirror. And now you're just looking at me, and thinking, "Is that me?" and it's so fucking humiliating. And I just wanna sit here and think about what it feels like to be this girl. Is that me? Am I just a girl? A slut? Or am I a little girl? I don't want to know. I just want to watch.

I think the last time we had this conversation was in a bathroom, back in high school, but it was with someone else at the time. And we talked about how he got so much shit for his sex-ed class. The reason for that, I think, is that he was a young man that was doing things at the time that I could only imagine that would offend a lot of people. And he was kind of the first guy, in my opinion, who, because he was such a nice person, he was able to take that shit and still try to be a good person in the end. So, I think that kind of stuff really is just sort of what happens when you're a guy and you're really trying to figure out who you are, and you realize that not everyone thinks the way that you do. And I think that's really what happened. And when he said that, I got kind of confused for a second. "Are you saying that all gay porn is homophobic? What do you mean by that?" I just kind of looked at him and I was like, "I don't know. How are you able to do that, dude? How are you not an asshole?" And then it hit me, which I think is the most powerful moment of my life. I think that, after that moment, I realized the kind of weirdness that I was, the kind of thing that I am. And now I have kind of a way of dealing with it that makes me feel pretty cool about it.

I've heard you called a "gay pornographer," and that's a compliment that I'm not used to. Yeah. I would say that if someone has a fetish for gay porn that is actually quite common, and if they're attracted to gay people and gay porn and gay sex and gay guys and so on, that is definitely an aspect of the gay porn world that people are familiar with. And when it's a stereotype, it 's almost like it's so incredibly boring that you can't really say anything about it. But if it's just skyrim sex mods a random porn star who is into gay sex, who just wants to make a living doing that, then that is something that I'm interested in. It's a niche market. There aren't too many. The problem is the stigma. The stigma is so strong that many people are not even aware that gay sex exists. You know, the idea of it being taboo, the idea that it's somehow not OK to have sex with a person that isn't your partner, that it is something that is dirty or shameful. So, I've heard the same things from the straight community that I've heard from the gay community. Gay men get all the negative stereotypes. It's like, "Oh, you're gay? Oh, we're so different from straight guys, right?" I mean, when you're on Grindr you're talking about gay porn . "Oh my god, that gay porn is so hot." I want to talk about porn. That's another thing that happens here: You see that there's a stigma around this because it's not something that people really talk about as often as gay sex and straight sex, right? But it's a big part of what people are talking about. I don't think I have the same kind of conversation as some of these people. I mean, I know straight guys that are into anal or have a fetish for it or are bisexual. I don't know anybody that's like, "Oh, you're gay and straight, but porn is gayboytube the one thing that's different." Like, what's the big deal? I'm going to read a blog post about porn and not even realize that, you know, this is going on. I don't know what my sexuality means. I think I need to know more. If I don't want to be a porn star, then fuck it.

[on the sex-star thing] I'm not into that at all. I'm into just having fun with each other, and that's what I get. I don't get that from anything else. I can't relate to that. If I had that kind of love and respect for it, I would be into it. But that's not really the case for me. [on the "pornography" he's seen on TV] I think there are a lot of films on TV that are just sex scenes, and they don't really do it for what it's all about. They do it just to sell, and that's just not what I want. [On whether he was aware of the film's controversial message] No, I was not aware of that until about two weeks after it was released. I read a few reviews on it, and I found it rather offensive. I was very disappointed in it. But in the end I didn't watch it.

You're a fan of the work of John Waters. What were you most disappointed in? Well, this one is my favorite, and I really liked it. That's just me, though, and I don't think it's a bad movie. I've never seen it before, so it's a new experience. I don't know what you did for the movie or what it's about, but this is one of my favorite films of all time and one of the first movies I really got into, so I was excited for this one. It's a weird, weird movie, so if you don't understand that and don't like weird movies, it's not for you. This movie was really fun and weird, but I think it's still a pretty good film. I've always been in the porn business and it's always been fun to explore a different niche. I'm not sure if I've ever done a movie like this before, so I don't know if I've ever seen one before, but I've seen enough for one movie and one review. I'll start with the main character, who is definitely an interesting one. I was really excited to see more of his character development and how he changed. In a sense, the story is set at the end of the 90s. As you can see from the title, the film begins at the dawn of the internet. In this movie, we follow spytug as he becomes a member of the team and discovers more and more about the website. This movie is very dark. The story isn't exactly as you'd expect for a teen porn. It was pretty depressing in the end. The plot is kind of weird, and it's hard to find out the purpose of his mission. We get a lot of action, and there's really nothing wrong with it. The movie has a very high production value, but I have to say that the quality of the animation is rather poor. The animation in this movie is quite good.