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Stefania Ferrario is a gorgeous Italian model that is best known as "Penny Starr." You may know her as Penny Stern from her appearance on the reality TV show "The Stern Show." She is also known for her sexy and naughty sex videos, in which she acts out her sexy lingerie and sexy poses.

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This porn-blog article is about stefania ferrario video. If you ever wanted to find out more about adult content and porn stars, this is for you. Stefania Ferrario is the best known porn star in the world. She started her career in 1991 when she was 18 years old. She started doing porn in 1996 and since then she has done several porn-porn films, her first of which being the porn-movie of the year 2003 entitled "Rumple-Lips." Then there was the adult movie entitled "Trouble" and finally she had her most recent film entitled "Cute Boyfriend". Stefania Ferrario is famous all over the world as her video was watched by millions of people on a weekly basis. When she got her first movie, she was a total unknown. But once she made "Trouble" she quickly became a mainstay on the adult-porn scene. I have seen a lot of sex scenes where she was doing oral sex. She was so popular in those days that she had to put up a strip-club to get more of her. So she started a strip-club called "Stefania's Place" in her home town of Caracas, Venezuela. The strip-club was located right beside the club "Stefania's Place" where she would perform. Stefania's Place, which is one of the few strip-clubs in the world, is still active. It's a strip club that's open only at night. The strip-club is not really for women. It was opened to show off the "Nude" women of Venezuela. Stefania and her stripper friends Stefania had her own bar named "Stefania's Place". The "Stefania's Place" is located right next to a hotel where she often performs. Stefania was a model, dancer and actress. She was the first "nude" and the first "naked" professional. The "Nude" was not just a woman on the street. She had her own place to perform, a small strip-club called "Stefania's Place". It is located on the 6th floor in the city of Caracas, near a famous "Hotel Bolivar". She has been in the strip-club for years and was known by everyone there. A very famous "Nude" and her husband were there . The owners were the "Hotel Bolivar". And the best part, Stefania Ferrario had her own "Nude" and she did not need any help, just because she was "Nude". If you ever wanted to find out more about porn stars, this is the place for you. In this article you will find some pictures and details about Stefania Ferrario.