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She also won Miss USA 2013, as well as Miss Universe 2014, the first time a black woman had ever won the pageant. She's also the first Asian woman to win a beauty pageant. Miley Cyrus, the youngest contestant to enter the Miss Universe pageant in its 45-year history, recently revealed she and her siblings, ages 8 to 17, were featured on the cover of Adult Magazine, as a "Celebrity Porn Parody," alongside other members of the cast. In 2016, Miley Cyrus performed on The Voice, and was also crowned Miss Teen America 2016. This past summer, she released her seventh studio album, "Wrecking Ball" which features the singles "Party in the U.S.A." and "The Bad Life" along with a remix of the popular track "Party in the U.K.A." In 2017, she made her directorial debut with the film "Stoner," starring Miley Cyrus , Ryan Reynolds and Paul Walker. She has also been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award for the film "Annie."

She is also the wife of John Legend and the parents of son Jacob (born September 3rd). She has a half-sister named Sarah Cyrus, who is a dancer and model, and a half-brother named Zachary, who is an actor. She and her husband have a daughter named Madison, born on June 24, 2013, to John Legend and Miley Cyrus.

Her father was a successful musician. He had a successful solo career, released multiple albums and was a regular on The Ed Sullivan Show. Her father died in 2007 when Miley was 22, but her mother kept him company, giving him a home. The mother and father had two children, a son named Zachary, born in 2014, and a daughter named Madison. They divorced in 2013 after two years of marriage.

Her mother was a singer and actress who became a movie star. She and John Legend have been married since 2006. He played in the band Stryper (and also made a cameo in the movie A Walk in the Woods, but that's another story.) His father also worked for the government as an Air Force doctor, and his mother became a lawyer. She also started her own law firm, and worked in an AIDS treatment center in Boston. When Miley was born, the father's father had died in the Vietnam War. In the video for the song that is about the father, the mother sings: "He died and I'm still breathing, you know. How can you upskirt panties feel so bad for your son when lesbian squirt porn he's in the war?" They were married in 2006, and had three children together. After John Legend's death, it seemed as though the children were on their own. But in the spring of 2010, they had an argument and Miley and her father went to court to decide if there should be a custody arrangement. They were on good terms, though he'd told her to stop eating pizza in public, as a way of being careful not to upset her parents. This was when she started using her webcam to see her father. In the months that followed, she made a living out of watching him from the comfort of her parents' home. She'd even brought in an adult friend to play with her kids. "I'm a normal person," Miley says. "I am not some weirdo."

And that's what makes Miley's porn career such a striking one. A woman from the most normal place imaginable — a home where she has a husband who is a rock star, two little kids and the same family friend she's been with for three years — making a living out of porn in an age of instant gratification, with hundreds of millions of people having access to the internet at their fingertips and millions more watching, is a story that could have happened in any age.

"People are always like, 'Oh, it's so hard to get into porn nowadays. Why are you doing this?'" Miley says. "I mean, I feel like I've been doing it since I was a kid. It's just me and my friends, and this has always been the fun part of my life. So I think it's just that we're not used to seeing these kinds of images on TV, and that's just kind of sad. I feel like it's just a shame. It's like a sexual thing, but I don't know what else to call it." Miley's parents, John and Janis, are not porn stars. But they are porn fans, and they have been working with the producers of the show to find a home for Miley and her friends. They have been asking for a home since 2008. But so far no home has emerged.