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Souma's POV is actually a pretty cool concept in the movie. He has some good character development, but it comes in the form of a scene with him having sex with a bunch of girls, while in the movie he's simply there to fuck the crap out of a bunch of guys. While it's fun to see Souma getting off with his other guy friends (including Maki), it doesn't really feel all that different from the porn scene where he's the only one getting laid. However, that doesn't mean it's a bad scene. It's just one that doesn't really have any particular charm in the way it's acted out.

The only really interesting thing about this scene is that it features a "girly guy" talking about how beautiful he thinks women are. I really liked the idea behind that line. It's a line that gets repeated in many adult movies. It's about how we can't help but be attracted to the cute guys that we see on screen. And for women, they're just that beautiful! In the same way, it's very rare for us to ever notice how pretty the men that we see in porn are. They're so handsome that we just don't notice it at all. But, it's so rare, that it's probably not going to get any attention. But then again, I suppose it would! There's no telling!

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