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The Porn Blog: What I Wish I Would Have Doneā€¦ (and did)

We all think about what we wish we could have done differently, but some things you just never see coming. This is how I felt, after reading some of the things that I wished I had known earlier, but that I simply could not avoid. I feel pretty proud that I didn't do the following things:

I should have known how to talk to girls in the beginning. I would have made better decisions in that area.

I should have taken the steps to avoid that scene. In fact, I probably should have never done that scene at all. That scene left a bad taste in my mouth. The scene was so out there, and so bad for me, that I was able to see it coming. I had to make an extreme conscious decision to keep the scene going. That, as a man, I had to do to protect my wife and daughter. It was an uncomfortable choice, but one I am sure I made in the best interest of our family. The scene made me callie calypso feel like a man, and I wanted to protect my family from that. I made the choice to not keep that scene going. There was nothing I could do to change that decision, but I am happy that it didn't happen. I have to acknowledge that I probably looked like an ass in that scene. I know, it was a mistake. It is a mistake I hope I can avoid with my future work.

It has been well over a year since the first "Naked" scene I worked on. A lot has changed since that day. I have moved away from New Zealand to live on my own in Sydney, and have moved my whole family out here. My brother and I have become parents to three children. My sister is married and in a happy long term relationship with someone new. I have also been writing a lot of stuff, and working on a couple of projects that I am excited about. I've got lots of work on my plate so I can't possibly give you all the info I want to. I hope this helps a little. I'm still in school and I'm still not finished my degree. In fact, the last couple of days I've been doing my masters thesis and working on my thesis on pornography and the production of porn. I have also gotten involved in a few other groups and I'm still working to get my diploma. You can also get me on Twitter and Facebook. My name is taryn, I'm 22, and I love girls jill hardener nude and love sex. It's really exciting. The thing that is the biggest obstacle for me right now is finding a way to pay for my education.

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