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There was a big deal going on over at "Huffington Post" over the weekend. This is a news site that I used to frequent, back when we used to have real newspapers. And there was a very popular and popular blogger there, named "Sophie Thoms". And, oh, by the way, she was doing this sex-blog article about porn-star videos. Sophie Thoms has a blog, a very popular blog. Her blog is very popular. She's the star of an old porno called "Girls with Creampies" (also called "Creampie Girl", or "Creampie Girl 2", or "Creampie Girl with Creampies"). That is a porn-blog. I have never seen or heard of her other than when the title was "The Creampie Girl" which means, according to Wikipedia, "An adult model who uses the 'creampie' as a sexual act to achieve orgasm." And, I know that she uses the phrase "sexy" a lot. It's a very popular porn-blog. So I just saw, a lot of these, a lot of the posts that I see. And it was a kind of a surprise because I saw the title and I wasn't expecting to see her. And I didn't realize that she used that word. So I kind of figured that maybe this was some sort of a pseudonym, so I just looked at a couple of her pictures fort troff and I saw that she was wearing that same outfit, so that was something I had to investigate. But I didn't have a chance to actually see her in person because I was in San Francisco, but after I went on Twitter and started talking with some of her friends, they were saying that they'd seen her. So that was a little bit of a surprise to me too, because I'd seen her before and she wasn't in any of these sites. So when I saw her, it was kind of like, okay, yeah, she's doing this, and that's cool. So I got a little bit of insight into it, and then I started to get more involved, so now I know more about her, and I'm starting to learn more about what she's doing in there, what she's getting paid for it, what she gets off of it.

And this is the first of four parts in an ongoing series, which I've called "Porn Stars vs. Porn Stars: Part 2," in which I'll talk about the history of this kind of debate, why some people are against this and some people are in favor of it, and what this whole thing is really about. This is part two of what I think is going to be a four-part series. You should read part one if you haven't yet. Part 2: The Sexist and Sexist-ish The first thing that strikes me when I think of porn stars is this very stereotypical image. In the early 2000s, I would often be looking at porn stars, and I'd think to myself, "Wow, that person is hot. She's attractive." And I'm sure I don't mean that in a creepy way. But you just can't get it in your head that these women are so attractive that if someone came up to them, they'd like to have sex with them. That's not their appeal, that's their character. They're not attractive just because they're attractive. They're attractive because of their character. And when I think of those, I think to myself, "How can I become more like those girls and act on their character?" The way I've done it is I went to an AA meeting a couple of years ago and the first question out of every guy's mouth was, "Can I get a good fuck?" This was before Internet porn and things like that. I went and I talked to the guys about sex. Then I did a little research on the Web. I looked at porn sites to see if they were in any trouble with the law or whatnot. It turned out they were not in trouble. So I thought, "That's cool." I decided that if I could get that good fuck, I would take it. I've done a couple of them. I'll share them with you, but you need to check out my blog. And you can also find a video in there of me fucking a porn star. But I'm sure you've noticed I have a habit of not writing about all this shit. It's not my place. So, if you want more information about the law and porn, look around. If you want the real story about the porn industry and the law, look no further.

It was probably not the most prudent course of action to post this article online. But in this particular case, it was the only way to get to the bottom of the situation. The story that is being written is pretty much the one the police want you to believe. It all started last night, when my friend and I were sitting in a quiet park across from my apartment. He had decided to watch the latest episode of "Breaking Bad" while I decided to stay up late and get some work done. We had a great conversation about how this crazy TV show has changed our lives. A lot of us in the industry are already addicted to the show, but the first time I watched it, I was really shocked and shocked. A lot of scenes were very graphic and violent. A lot of women get ripped apart and beaten to death with a heavy stick. It wasn't long before I wanted to see more, and I think the Internet was where I started. So I downloaded and started watching adult content.

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*Note from the author: All of the photos featured on this article are taken by Sasha Vaitha. She has also shot many adult content videos. In addition, I have included a link to her Facebook page, where she frequently posts about adult content and sex work.

The first thing you might notice when you go to Sasha's website is that her photos look a little different from those of the mainstream media. It's not just the fact that the website doesn't give you any choice in which photos to view (or where to find them), but also that the images are only of her and not her assistants.