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Vicky says her fans have been very good to her in her career. "I am so happy, because my fans really like my pictures, they love the way I look and they love how my body is looking. I get lots of email asking me to come, and I'm really nervous, because I don't know what to say. I'm in a new career, I'm not a typical actress anymore. I don't know how to play the role, but I've been so lucky that my fans have always been nice to me. My fans are so happy to see me in pictures and to read about me and to know what it feels like to be me." Vicky says her career has been going really well and she's excited about her new movie next year. She says it was a very stressful time for her, as it was after the shooting of 'My Girl'. "I went to Los Angeles and stayed there for three months. I was so anxious about the shoot, and I could not sleep for four nights because I was so terrified to lose my virginity and be on camera with the director." Vicky says she was nervous about making a scene like 'The Virgin' but it was an amazing experience and she has really enjoyed it. "I've been working on this movie since 2011, I've only had two days off in this entire time." Vicky says the director has told her to try and find something that she finds sexy but not too graphic, just because she's still so nervous. "I have been really grateful for that." Vicky says her favourite part of being nude is the fact that her fans are so supportive and understanding of her choices. "I get so many messages and so many compliments. It's so great to know that so many people care about what I do. I feel so lucky." Vicky is so excited to be sharing her personal experiences on this porn-blog and hopes that others find out about this beautiful scene, "There's something so empowering in being on camera with a director who is so confident and so confident in me." Vicky tells us that this is her first solo porn and she hopes to make more. "I'll be going into porn for the first time in years and hope to get the experience that I was after." Vicky says the directors are really nice and give her a lot of freedom and she has had so many laughs with her scenes. She has been very pleased with the feedback and says they really appreciate it. "There is something about their attention and the way they hold my body. I love the way they make me look." It's funny that it's not swinglifestyle login even a year until she's going to start doing adult content and her first ever solo scene. She says that she's looking forward to being in her new body. It's not too bad a body as she has not had any surgeries. "The only thing I've had done is shave it. I feel like it is more normal now." The thing that I've always thought about when thinking about zaya cassidy porn stars and being naked in public is the fact that a lot of times they're not comfortable in public and this is not something you have to worry about in real life. There is this box truck sex perception that if you're naked in public that you're a weirdo, so you're in for a very big surprise. I want to thank her for being a very nice and professional person, she had no problem answering questions. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with her. "You're really cute." "Yes, I am, thank you." "Do you want to know about my work?" "Of course." "Do you want me to take photos of you?" "Of course!" I thought that's what a porn-blog post would be about, right? She took me up to her hotel room where we had sex.