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1. About the Artist

I am an artist based in Moscow, Russia. I'm in love with body-positive activism, feminist politics and the concept of beauty. I also love to explore the different aspects of feminism, beauty and sexuality. My work is often provocative and provocative art. I believe that it's important to express your views, thoughts and feelings in the way that you want to.

2. Viki odintcova nude art

I love to show my work with my body. My nude art has been published on social media and blogs. It's about body-positive, empowering and beautiful art. My art is very personal, it's always on a woman, it shows the inner-workings of the soul. It's a work of love.

I'm very happy to have a website that people can find me and watch me as I create. My art is always different. I want to show people what it's like to love someone. I'm not the person who is just a picture. I'm a very personal, emotional, artistic person. I love to show other people my personality. It's so hard for me to find other people who are willing to make the effort to talk to me. I have a few friends who have asked me for help and I am very happy to answer. Sometimes I'll talk to a couple of friends at once, to see how they feel about it. Then I will do my own personal research and research it from various sources and then send it back to them. It's really a lot of work for me. I'm not the biggest porn star, but I know what I like and I like my fans. I'm a little shy so when I get a request to talk to someone, I usually talk to my fans first. And then I'll do my own research and make a decision. Sometimes I will even ask some of my friends. But usually I speak to one person in person, especially if I'm talking about a girl. It makes me really happy because I know that I'm making a great decision.

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About Viki Odintcova

It was a long time before viki odintcova became the famous Russian porn star we know today. Originally, it was just a small Russian magazine with only 10,000 readers. It was published in 2001, and was sold to Porno Dork, an Italian magazine which in 2011, it sold to the famous porn-blog and publisher, The Daily Dot. That's how it started to become a porn-blog, and it became the most popular Russian porn-blog in the world, with thousands of monthly readers and growing. Now, you can find lots of different articles and photos from viki odintcova on the blog, and viki odintcova's official social media accounts.

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