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Sex is an act between two people. What can be a very intimate act is considered "adult" and therefore, there is more nudity. Some vixens do have nude scenes in their movies. Most porn stars are not interested in nakedness, even though it is the most common type of sex that the people want. They enjoy the sensation of sex in their hands, their mouth, their ass, their pussy and their body.

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#1: Alexis Texas

You are not alone. Alexis Texas is not the first porn star to look like a porn star. However, you'll never know what it feels like to be the first to have sex in the video, not even if you did it in real life. Alexis is one of the most talented porn stars on the planet. She's not only very pretty and talented, but she's also hot in every aspect. Alexis Texas was a star before she was a porn star. Her video was her first appearance on the web. In fact, it was one of the first videos to ever be made for the web, and it's an amazing video, one that I'll never forget.

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