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Then, in one of the more telling moments of the film, it becomes clear that the story of the woman is not just a story about the love of her life. Instead, it's an epic love story. The couple is portrayed as the embodiment of the American Dream, as they embark on their own lives of success and achievement. They have an apartment in New York, are making their way in the industry and are living a "normal" life, in the eyes of the camera, as if it has nothing to do with the love they shared on screen.

Then the camera pans across to show the wife's life, with her kids, going through school, going out, and having to deal with all the ups and downs that comes with being a new mother. It's a very real life, and one that a lot of the people we have interviewed have experienced. And yet, it's a story about something much larger than the couple's love. It's about a woman's desire for her husband to make it as an actor, not just a performer. And, in this case, it's about her husband finding her passion as a movie star. But the story isn't really about that. It's more about the couple and the web-series that's led them there. I would love to hear from someone who has watched this and can share a few details, a few insights about what it's like to be danny mountain an adult-film star. I would like to know why a person who has been spank wire in the business for years suddenly decides to give up a lot of their professional time for the sake of a couple with a little kid, a sick grandma, and a long-delayed wedding. I think I'll find out this week. I'll be posting a new one-page summary every Tuesday. Please leave a comment.

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