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Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams) is a very interesting actress. She was a child star and became a professional adult film actress. She was born December 18, 1948 in New York City to actress Alice Williams (1909 - 1995) and dancer Billy Allen. She is one of three children of singer Joe Williams (1914 - 1993) and dancer Roseanne Williams (1925 - 2009). She is a daughter of jazz musician and dance instructor Dizzy Williams and his wife Mary (1920 - 1984). Her mother passed away in 2010. She has two sisters, Beverly and Roseanne Williams and one brother, Billy Allen (b. 1951).

Her father and mother were both of Jewish descent, having been raised in New York City. Their parents had two children together, one a son and the other a daughter. Joe Williams left his family shortly after his father's death, to live with his uncle in New Jersey, but was soon returned to New York when Dizzy was still very young. Joe and Mary Jane Williams married in 1955, and had two children together - Dolly (born 1954) and David (born 1957). Mary Jane and Joe had two sons: Gary and Chris (born 1960 and 1961). Joe died in 1963, but Mary Jane continued working as a prostitute until the early 1970's, when she was diagnosed with AIDS. The same year, Dolly redtude married David Williams (father of her two children) and they had one daughter, Melissa. Melissa was maitland ward baxter the youngest of three children. She left home in the late 1960's and later attended the college of a local pastor. When Melissa's family could not find Melissa to care for the children, they adopted Melissa. Melissa and David have two children together. Mary Jane and Dolly's second child, a son, was born on July 3rd, 1971, at St. Joseph Hospital. Dolly was known as "Dolly the Wonder," and she was also known as "The Wonder Woman." She was the first ever "superwoman" for Playboy. She was in charge of "sex magazine" covers, and she became the first woman ever to become the cover star of the "Playboy Superstar" magazine. She also won a "Playboy Life Achievement Award," which made her the first Playboy girl ever to be inducted into the Playboy Hall of Fame. Her photo album "Playboy" will be released on June 1, 2008. (Click on the image to see it full size!) She had an incredibly beautiful figure. A small, but powerful body, and a beautiful smile. This was not always the case with "Dolly the Wonder" as some sources indicate that she became overweight. I don't know about you, but I found that a bit odd. If she was in good shape, her body would not have made her so slim. That said, I don't believe this is a deliberate choice on her part. I don't know how I would explain it. She just is not very attractive. She was never a model in my experience and looks like a model.

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