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This is the first part of maya kendrick a two part series about sexuality in lesbian blogs. In part two, I'll be looking at how lesbians are using "I am a lesbian, but..." to create safe spaces for sex and relationships, while at the same time keeping their personal lives private. In the next part, I'll discuss why I think it's important that the LGBT community have a safe space where we can be open and honest about our sexuality, and that we can explore what it means to be gay. If you're interested in reading part one, you can do so by clicking on the link below. Part One: The "I am a Lesbian, but..." Blog In part one of this blog series, I'll be discussing the sexual freedom movement, and the ways in which it's being used to protect sexuality from being viewed as harmful . The sexual freedom movement is a movement that arose in the 1960s, when lesbians and gays began to feel that they could freely explore sexuality, regardless of how the society or their church was viewing it.