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xxxtiny recently announced a new cam-show for you. Here is the video she put together: She's working with a professional-producer. You can see her in her sexy lingerie at the end. You can also watch her at her "real" location in her hot outfit : xxxxtiny's Blog : xxxxtiny's blog was recently updated with new articles, new pictures, and new videos. She also put up a new blog called The XXX Blog where she posted a whole bunch of alien hentai articles on pornstars, pornstars' sex lives and some sexy photos from her past. Here are the first couple of articles : Here is the latest addition : xxxxtiny : "You have a lot of people saying I have a sex tape. It is my own personal porn video. I am not posting the video for free, because I am not making money from it, because of my personal interests. I love getting my body on the public screen for all people to enjoy. I am a little bit in the business of pornography, but I'm not in porn itself. I am just a girl who enjoys showing her body to her friends, and I like doing so publicly. My best friend has done videos in the past, but he has not made videos in his life . I just like watching other women do things that I can't do myself."

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