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There is no reason that porn-stars can't talk about it, right? It's what they are paid to do, after all. But when porn-stars do go on the internet, it often leads to people getting into more of an issue. For instance, a video of a hot nude couple in a hotel room gets a lot of comments. The person who posts the video then ends up getting all sorts of hate-mail and even death threats for sharing a sexual video that he does not think is worthy of sharing. That's one example, but there are many more cases like this. There is even a site where people have posted videos of nude women and gotten hate-mail and rape threats. But the point here is that porn-stars are paid to do sex, and they are not paid to be popular. It's true, however, that when porn stars are popular, they get paid even more. When there is something that people are interested in, they are more likely to purchase it. So that's the difference between a porn star and a porn star-star. 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