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The Porn Empire

"I think the Porn Empire is a myth, I would not want it in my back pocket or in my office. You are either in the business or you are not in the business. So I am not interested in any part of it. You don't go into a store and ask for the most dangerous porn on the shelf, but ask for the safest porn and you will get it." – Porn star Rina Ashmore

Rina Ashmore is a porn star, sex educator and blogger. Her first porn film (the "First Edition") premiered in 1997, with two sequels released in 1999 and 2002. In 2010, she published the book "The Porn Apocalypse: How the Porn Empire is Destroying the Culture We Love", and she is on a world tour as she attempts to educate people about the porn industry, its evils and the people who are fighting back. In the above video, she discusses the importance of having sex in the privacy of one's own home (with a friend!) and why it is so important to have a safe and healthy relationship with yourself and your partner.

If you liked Rina Ashmore's blog and you also want to protect yourself from the dangers of porn, you may be interested in these videos and pictures from the same writer, from a very important book "Why I Quit Porn".

Rina Ashmore's book explains why she quit porn and explains why she is fighting so hard to protect our right to privacy. It is worth the read if you want to understand the truth behind porn. In this blog, we are going to discuss the following topic: Porn as a "sex addict's" drug. This hardcore gangbang is an extremely important topic, as it shows what porn addiction really is. What is Porn Addiction? This topic is very difficult to talk about, as people often don't realize that they are addicted to porn. If they ever question their addiction, they get all nervous, worried, and anxious, which doesn't help. When they finally admit that they are porn-addicted, they often find themselves asking some of the questions above. How do I know I am porn-addicted? In order to become addicted to porn, you have to do something you wouldn't normally do. For example: When someone sees a new porn star on pornhub, they may be in a sexual relationship with them. After they watch the porn, they might find themselves getting horny, and may begin to have sex with their porn-star girlfriend. Once the porn is over, they feel horny again for a few days, then the cycle repeats. It takes a while for this to be a problem. If the porn star is in a romantic relationship, the porn-addict may feel really guilty about the porn. They could say, "I'm not supposed to be having sex with my porn-star girlfriend, I'm just a porn-addict, it's just porn-addiction, don't you get it?" They may feel like they're letting a real relationship go to waste by being a porn-addict. However, the porn-addict still has their "junk", and the relationship will remain strong. If you ever thought about porn-star girlfriend, or even thought about it, you may still be thinking about porn-star, or your porn-girlfriend, when you feel horny. This is because the relationship will be maintained because of the porn-addict. If you think about it, what really is the problem? The powerpuff girls porn problem is not that the porn-addict is not loving and caring for their porn-girlfriend. The problem is that their porn-addict-self needs to have porn to feel good in order to have their porn-addiction-self. In other words, they need to have sex with their porn-addiction-self. And because their porn-addiction-self will always be with their porn-addiction-self, this is what will make them feel good during sex. This makes them crave and want porn. They think, "Oh, it's better than doing nothing for me, I'll do this or I'll do that." They become addicted. And they don't realize it. They only realize it when they find out that their porn-addiction-self is in a relationship, or has an intimate relationship that they are not in. In their porn-addiction-self-only mode of thinking, they are the only person who feels "good" about having sex with porn. And when you tell them about your porn-addiction-self, it's not going to change anything for them. But you can make it all better by doing something about it. Here are some steps you can take to help: 1) Start with a clear and direct statement. "I'm not doing porn." Or, "I'm not doing porn-related activities like masturbation, sexual fantasy, and pornography." 2) Talk about porn with your significant other, or with a close friend who can understand the porn-addiction-self. Ask them, "Do you know what I'm going through? How much porn am I watching?" 3) If you want to talk about it openly, say it over and over, and ask for their support. "Are you okay with me being able to talk about it?" 4) When they're not, be ready to go to the doctor and get checked out, since porn use imagefao can be a serious medical issue. 5) Don't get frustrated. There will come a point when you feel like you have nowhere to go but to quit. You're not alone. And don't ever feel bad that you have to go through this in the first place. We're all on the same journey, so it's not as if we're bad people. 6) Have patience. It takes time. You're probably not going to quit in a year, but you're not going to be in a worse state of mind and/or life a month from now. If anything, it'll be worse. It can take some time to get a handle on the idea of porn (and porn stars). Even in a short amount of time, the knowledge will be valuable. If you're not willing to let it go at first, it will only make it worse. But you'll learn to live with it, and it will be worth it in the end. 7) Don't judge the movie by the reviews. They aren't what the movie is about. A movie can be good or bad. The quality of a movie is not determined by the reviews. 8) I never wanted to go to a porn shoot. I was too young for it, and I don't think the industry wanted me in it. I just happened to be there. I did my best to make it sound as real as I could and made myself look like an average teen. I was too naïve, and I thought it would be fun. I think a lot of girls do, but I don't think they really know how to make their own porn. If you find a porn star, tell her you are her best friend and ask for her permission before shooting. It's a way to say "fuck you" and keep her interested. 9) If a guy is good, make him cum. I was talking to a guy recently who said he was a virgin for 10 years. He's been doing porn for 8, but it's only because it's easy. You don't have to say "no" and then get upset when he cums. I hentai crush think this guy is a very horny guy, and he knows what he wants. I said "why don't you just cum for me?". He said "I don't think I can" and I said "sure". I made his ass cum and he was so relieved. I said "do it more often". I think it's really sexy that he gets his cum from me because I am a big sister and I don't care if he cums in a hole he doesn't want to cum in. He said he can't because his balls hurt and I said "what are you talking about? They hurt so much." He said "I just don't feel like doing it now, I need to go home, I don't know if I will get my balls back." I said "I don't think so, just keep doing it. It doesn't make any difference." I said "ok so that's it, I'll never let you cum in my ass again." I left. He asked me what was going on and I said "that wasn't what I said" and he said "well that was what you said". I told him he could ask again when I get home. And I left. And that's all he does. He gets me off by making me cum. I love it.

The first guy I ever fucked was in a car and I wasn't really sure if I wanted it. I was about 19 and very shy. I was still having to fight my sexuality. The guy was a nice-guy type. But I was so horny I just wanted to be in his lap. So I got out, let him ride me and took off my shirt and pants. He put his hand on my ass and rubbed my clit, my fingers were really wet. He told me I was hot and fucked him. I started to get hard. He said he liked me because I was so tight. He fucked me on the bed for about 5 minutes. He said my ass was so tight. I felt his hands going on planetsuzy pictures my ass. He was stroking my clit really hard. I wanted him to cum in me. He started pounding me and I started moaning. He was moaning. He didn't stop. Then he said I was his. He pulled me to him and said, "I love you, babe." I didn't want to cry, but I did. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. That he had done all of that for me?

I am so sorry for you, you sexy, amazing man. I don't know how to tell you this, because I know this is not how you would want me to say it. I don't have words. I just have to do what I can for you and my little boy. I know what you are going through. I know the way I am feeling about you. You know, this is a part of me I never got to show my boyfriend. I know it doesn't always feel like this, but you don't get it right away, do you? I know it's not easy. And, I know you are not alone. That's why I am here to make you feel better. I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. I love you, and you know that. So, stop worrying and start taking care of yourself. I want you to be happy, and I don't mean, having sex with someone who doesn't love you. No, I mean, being happy that you've learned a new skill or that you got a asian massage job that you're excited to do. It's all about the balance between what you are, and what you are. I'm glad you found this post. It's a good one. But, here's what I still don't like about the Internet.

It's a place for a lot of things that are not actually fun.

There are a lot of blogs that talk about how to make porn stars happy. And while this isn't really a blog post per say, it is very helpful when it comes to what porn stars want in their sex lives. So, as you might have guessed, here are some of my favorite sex-related blogs and how they deal with the issues porn stars are facing. If you're still not convinced about porn stars, here are some porn-related blog posts and what they have to say about porn stars: And, finally, here's a list of some porn stars who are not making a lot of money.